What Would the World Be Like If We All Loved Our Jobs?

TFW You Love Your Job a.k.a. Flow State

When you’re doing something you love, do you work harder to do it better?

It’s an attitude we’re all familiar with. Whether it’s your hobby or your favourite sport, there’s a deep desire to do more of it, and to get better at it. When it comes to pursuing one’s passion, there’s an unmatched drive and determination for constant improvement.

It comes in the form of long working hours, reflection, and practice. It’s often mistaken for competitiveness but it goes far beyond simply being the best. Success doesn’t look like a medal, nor does it have a dollar sign in front of it. Pursuing one’s passion provides deep satisfaction and fulfillment. When you work on something you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all. In fact, it feels like something called flow. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist, identified and named the concept of absolute concentration and absorption in the activity at hand. Through his decades of study on happiness and creativity, he found the flow state to be the optimal form of intrinsic motivation and personal fulfillment.

This pursuit, or flow state, has an unparalleled power to it. It isn’t distracted or misled by external rewards or threats. It results in extraordinary outcomes and a deeply satisfied individual. And while we often recognize the brilliant and astonishing outcome of flow in top athletes and artists, we don’t yet recognize, nor do we attempt to harness that power within employees.

At Opportune, we see the potential. Our goal is to help professionals get to the companies they admire. To help them work on problems they care about. And to focus their life’s work on doing something that satisfies them.

For companies, this translates to building a workforce that’s deeply passionate about the company’s mission and vision. While skillset and experience help build the company today, it’s the employees’ drive and determination that grow companies over the long-term.

And while traditional talent acquisition techniques, recruiting firms and bidding wars fight over a small group of active job candidates, Opportune is helping companies discover a new talent pool.

Currently, companies rely on job applications, referrals and recruiters to build strong teams. All three of these leave a great deal to chance. Only 14% of the workforce is actively applying to jobs. Referrals limit employers to a network of people similar to current employees (which can be good or bad). Wildly inefficient recruiters spend countless hours sourcing hundreds of candidates, often resulting in a few, if any, responses.

According to recent surveys, 61% of the employed workforce would be open to hearing from the right company. That’s a staggering number of potential candidates that have no exposure to the “right company.”

Those candidates are currently working elsewhere. For a variety of reasons, they haven’t become an active candidate yet. While these people dream about their ideal job, the reality is that time and job security get in the way.

But that doesn’t mean they’re off the market.

Just because someone doesn’t apply to a position doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Companies that simply consider the applicants who submitted a resume are missing out on a massive talent pool. A talent pool that consists of employed professionals who would be excited and deeply motivated to work for the right company.

Pause for a second, and ask yourself: what’s your dream job? Where would you ideally be working right now? Do you have a job target?

Opportune is about capturing the energy behind one’s passion, helping professionals work at companies that are solving problems they care about. It’s not about discovering new companies or current job opportunities, nor is it a complex algorithm or career guidance.

It’s a simple, human question: where do you want to work?

If you are one of those people who dream of a job you know is out there, or picture yourself working for another company, Opportune should interest you. Opportune is about job targeting.

With Opportune, you confidentially identify your dream employers, the places you know you can do your best work. Only your dream employers can see your profile, no one else. That way, they can see your interest and reach out in a week, a month or even a year. They know you’re passionate and driven so they’ll reach out when the right opportunity comes up.

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