Why We’re Starting Opportune

Employed professionals don’t have an effective way to participate in the job market.

You’re either working full-time or you’re applying to jobs full-time; it’s black and white when the reality is very much grey. Most professionals experience the sliding scale of job satisfaction from excitement to contentment to disengagement, and back again. Yet only those most disengaged (and unemployed) have a variety of tools to serve their job search needs. These are the active candidates, those constantly submitting job applications to open positions.

While ample amounts of job boards, talent marketplaces and job matching companies help the active job seeker land a position, what is out there to help those already employed?

Think to yourself: just because you’re currently working, does it mean you’re not interested in working somewhere else?

The challenge for most working professionals is that they don’t have the time (or energy) to search and apply to other positions after a full day’s work. It’s only those most unhappy with their jobs that seek new positions. This group of active job seekers ultimately accounts for only 14% of the workforce.

Hiring managers are essentially presented with applications from unemployed job seekers and disengaged employees — the active candidate group.

Outbound recruiting efforts create lists of passive candidates. This is a group of professionals not actively applying to positions. Unfortunately, recruiting research doesn’t take into consideration the candidate’s current level of career satisfaction, nor does it even consider if the candidate knows about the company doing the recruiting. This can result in hours of outreach to uninterested and unavailable candidates.

While this group still offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, companies aren’t looking for the most impressive resume amongst 14% of the workforce, they’re looking for the very best candidate who can bring the most value to their organization — regardless of current employment status.

Exposing a New Talent Pool

Alongside the eager pool of candidates job postings often attract, hiring managers need access to the rest of the talent pool, the professionals beyond the 14%.

Opportune gives working professionals a new way to express interest in working somewhere else. Better yet, to do so confidentially and discreetly, only revealing their interest to the companies they want to hear from. Enter: job targeting.

An employed professional who isn’t actively job seeking often won’t be interested in interviewing for a company they’ve never heard of. These working professionals, who are devoting their time and energy to their current role, still have ideas of where they want their careers to go and the companies they want to work for.

There’s an excitement and energy to work for a company you align with, to solve problems that mean something to you. Not only will talented professionals be working for the companies they want to work for, those companies will be harnessing an energy and drive within their employees that will lead to dedicated, productive teams.

This is where Opportune comes in.

How We’re Solving the Problem

Opportune is a closed network of professionals confidentially identifying the companies they want to work for; a professional profile accompanied by a wish list of just three dream companies. No one, other than the companies they’re interested in, can see the candidate’s profile. Job targeting is the future of recruiting.

Hiring managers are presented with all the candidates that have confidentially expressed interest in their company.

From there, hiring managers can contact or save candidate profiles through integrations with their existing applicant tracking systems.

Rather than spending hours researching social networks and sifting through piles of resumes, hiring managers have a new starting point when it comes to sourcing candidates.

Opportune offers:

  • candidates motivated by the company’s mission
  • candidates who have already indicated their interest in the target company
  • candidates whose decision-making timelines are not pressured by the urgency of unemployment

Career Search for the Long Term

Opportune’s job targeting platform works to provide employed professionals access to the job market in a manner that suits the full-time employee. When you’re working, you’re willing to wait for the right position at the right company.

While your dream employer may not require your set of skills immediately, they may have a role for you in 6 months, or a year’s time. Candidates on Opportune express their interest knowing they might not hear for weeks, even months. But with a more efficient passive job search strategy and added level of confidentiality, candidates can remain “on the market” until they’ve landed their dream job. Opportune is about long-term career goals and giving oneself the best chance at their dream job.

Building Teams for the Long Term

Hiring managers know that outsourced recruiting, inflated compensation packages and bidding on talent isn’t a long-term strategy for building the best teams. While these strategies fill desks, they won’t satisfy employees for the long-term.

Our mission at Opportune is to connect talented professionals with companies they’re actually passionate about — where they’re driven to do their best work. This way, professionals can better manage their career path, working for the companies they want to work for. And organizations can grow around teams of passionate professionals who are solving problems that matter.

Launching Soon

In the coming months, Opportune will be rolling out its job targeting platform worldwide. Add your email address and city so we can keep you up-to-date with news and timelines. You’ll only hear from us when there’s something important to share.

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